Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heterosexual men’s take on men wearing strap-ons

Gone are the days when men using strap-ons were considered gay. Gone are the days when only men who suffered from erectile dysfunction were the only men who used strap-ons. Today, straight men with no medical conditions also use strap-ons. So why is there a sudden shift in straight men using strap-ons in order to please their wives, girlfriends and lovers? Read on to find out more.

Why strap-ons?

Heterosexual men wear strap-ons for a variety of reasons. The main reason behind using strap-ons is the known fact that most men reach climax much before women. It is difficult for women to reach orgasm within the time men reach climax. This leaves many women frustrated and dissatisfied. Men can use strap-ons to increase the time of sexual intercourse to please themselves and their sexual partner.

Strap-ons for men suffering from erectile dysfunction

1 in 10 men suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED at some point in their lives. This condition can be treated with drugs but using strap-ons to aid sexual performance is a natural alternative. This satisfies the sexual partner too. Strap-ons increase the length of sexual intercourse and pleasure for both the partners.

Strap-ons for gay men

The use of sex toys and strap-ons for gay men is more common than in heterosexual men. Most gay men are open to use aids that increase sexual pleasure and spice up their sex lives. The use of strap-ons and vibrating strapons has been featured in many gay adult movies too.

Strap-ons for heterosexual men

A large number of men still shy away from strap-ons and do not admit that their partners are dissatisfied, but some open-minded men do admit to using strapons. These men place their partner’s satisfaction above their egos and don’t mind using strap-ons. It is a misconception that manly men do not use strap-ons. Even the most masculine of men sometimes are not able to sustain their erection long enough to please their sexual partners. It is about time heterosexual men understand that strap-ons don’t rob you of your manliness; instead they intensify pleasure and satisfy your partner making you appear manlier in your partner’s eyes.

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